John Hansen - September 30, 2014

Top shelf company. The installers not only took pride in their work, but did so in a professional and courteous manner. It was an honor to have these guys on our project and we look forward to working with them again. 

John Hansen

Tom Keller - April 20, 2015

Absolute Hardwood Floors is the finest quality and value in the custom home market bar none. Worth Builders has worked with Jerry and Absolute Hardwood since Jerry has been in business, approximately 23 years. Jerry and his staff all treat our client as if they are our only client. Floor samples and details are the finest. The Palm Beach Residence that Jerry recently completed for Worth Builders was complicated and difficult detail stencil work. Jerry completed this beautiful wood floor within budget and on schedule. I would recommend Absolute Hardwood Floors to all my high end customers. 

Tom Keller
VP-Worth Builders

"Absolutely the Finest Teamwork and Results"


Your team of Absolute’s finest provided another masterful example of why together you and they are simply the finest floor craftsmen in the business.   

Today we have an exquisite new floor, made possible by the superbly coordinated efforts of at least nine Absolute All-Stars.  It started with Luis’ responsiveness to what we envisioned, in terms of woods, cuts, supplier, sizes, finishes, timing and team members.  He and Tyler customized the materials plan, changed supplier, pre-schedule the team members and shrunk the process-time schedule. 


Next came the installation by Scott, ably assisted by Adrian.  They skillfully racked the floor on day one, with me present throughout to participate in board selection and patterns among the quarters, rifts, and plains.  They engaged me, taught me, put me to work productively – all with a level of customer engagement and good will that would be the envy of any Worth Avenue retailer.

The finishing team provided three days of flawless baton passing between the Wes/Robert duo and the Chris/Gilbert partners.  Not a moment was lost as Wes started strong, Chris came in for stellar afternoon performances, and Wes and Gilbert finished the magical third coat on Saturday – fulfilling Mike’s commitment to our target time requirements. 

Orchestrating all this superb teamwork was, of course, Mike himself.  Mike was personally on-site most of Friday: to coordinate the shifts in personnel; to coach the use of your new, game-changing, UV machine (capable of taking days out of the drying/finishing process); to work alongside the guys to remind them how much he understands about what it takes to do a superb job in the field.  At other times Mike was on the phone with our GC, Roy Dunworth, to work through a revised timeline that would meet full installation of our renovation by the November 1stcondo deadline.  He was on the phone with me one night to say that he and Scott saw a couple of boards they planned to upgrade the next morning – even after the installation was otherwise complete.

You may not remember this Jerry, but two years ago I was very skeptical about whether a wood floor was practical at our 5,000 sq. ft. home because it is right against the ocean, without a concrete subfloor.  Daniel asked Mike to talk with me about existing conditions.  Mike came to the house with flashlight and ladder, and spent the better part of an hour in the basement crawl spaces to inspect moisture conditions and to determine how to use subfloor materials that would prevent any possible future problems.  It’s all worked out just as Mike planned and made sure of. 

Last week’s stellar success by the team show again your willingness to devote the same skill and dedication to a 900 sq. ft. floor as you do to a 5,000 sq. ft. floor.  No job is too small to meet the highest quality standards your team embodies.  And let me know forget to give credit to the great women of Absolute who work behind the scenes to make all this productivity possible.  I’ve personally seen Rebecca in action, with tremendous results.   

You have our highest recommendation without reservation.  May your customers acknowledge the appreciation that your craftsmanship and teamwork deserves. 

Best personal regards,

Tom and Jan Moloney 

Palm Beach, FL  33480